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LAV Filters 0.60

What's New in Version 0.60 of LAV Filters

- LAV Splitter
- - Improved playback of a few Blu-ray discs, avoids a hiccup at clip change
- - Support for reading embedded Cue Sheets from audio files as chapters
- - Added support for reporting the stream bitrate through IBitrateInfo (for MPC-HC et al.)
- - Additional metadata from the source file is exported through IPropertyBag (including "ROTATION" for video orientation information)
- - Fixed demuxing of MKV files with huge SSA/ASS format blocks (> 1MB)
- - Fixed playback of certain MPEG4 ASP streams in MKV to be smooth
- LAV Video
- - Added support for VC-1/WMV3 DXVA2 decoding on recent Intel GPUs (Ivy Bridge/Haswell, needs recent drivers)
- - Fixed a crash when stopping playback or seeking on AMD when using DXVA2 Native
- - Fixed playback of WMVA videos in software mode
- - Fixed a few issues with output of odd-height videos when converting to various pixel formats
- - Fixed a few corner cases when reporting the video range to madVR
- - Fixed a crash when playing raw video files with unaligned width (non mod16)
- LAV Audio
- - The version of the DTS DLL decoder is now checked, and versions before are blocked (since they do not work)
- - Fixed an issue with DTS parsing which could result in occasional audio stutter
- - Improved support for Opus audio pre-skip

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